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  • SQL Server VC++ Installation voes

    I’ve installed SQL Server any number of times over any number of versions, but I have never had this problem before, and I am not sure why I got it now. However, since searching the web gave me very little in the way of a direct, working, solution I thought I’d write mine down. I was using Windows Server...
  • Used and unused hosts sql script

    This is just a log post of a script I put together. When setting up a plattform we are not always certain what hosts and handlers the customer wants. We usually set it up according to common requirements and best practices. In that case it's also interesting to see what hosts are indeed used and...
  • Using User-defined tables as stored procedure parameter

    The WCF-SQL adapter provides support for multiple inserts through the Consume Adapter Service feature: However, sometimes you might want to validate the data on the SQL side before before making the insert. For instance, if you have a collection of Customers, where some of them might already exist in...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Thu, Dec 15 2011
  • challenge 2010 - the Swedish national championship for SQL Server developers

    The Swedish national championship for SQL Server developers, challenge 2010 , is now finished. The competition has been running on the Swedish SQL Server User Group's website, but I publish the competition problem also on my blog in case you want to test your skills on it! The problem comes...
    Posted to Johan Åhlén (Weblog) by jahlen on Mon, Dec 6 2010
  • Videos from the BizTalk Conference in Stockholm available on Channel9

    All the videos from European BizTalk Conference in Stockholm has been published on Channel9. Thanks to everyone attending, and of course also Richard, Ewan and Stephen for coming over to Sweden. All sessions relates to the Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform book that came out just...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Fri, Oct 15 2010
  • Minesweeper in T-SQL

    Who said that coding T-SQL should not be fun? Minesweeper is a real old classic (that's still being shipped with Windows). Truly creative of Auke Teeninga to implement Minesweeper in T-SQL... Keep on playing!
    Posted to Johan Åhlén (Weblog) by jahlen on Sun, Sep 5 2010
  • BizTalk Performance session at Tech·Ed Europe 2010

    I just got the news my BizTalk Performance Optimization session was approved for Tech·Ed: Topic Information Primary Track Application Server & Infrastructure Session Type Lunchtime Session Session Title BizTalk Server Performance: Configuring BizTalk Server for performance Description Optimizing...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Sat, Aug 28 2010
  • Try your SQL optimizing skills and win great honor

    As winner of the previous round, I’ve been given the honor to write the problem for Phil Factor Speed Phreak Challenge #6. This problem is from the real world (algorithmic trading) and the sample data is real. The challenge is to reproduce highest buy and lowest sell prices from data captured from a...
    Posted to Johan Åhlén (Weblog) by jahlen on Mon, Aug 16 2010
  • Send Failures, NACKS and SOAP Faults

    (or why my previous post doesn’t apply to all adapters) In a previous post I identified how if you had the WCF-BasicHttp adapter on the backend send and the WCF-NetTcp adapter on the frontend receive you need a transformation for the client to interpret the backend Fault as a Fault since there is a SOAP...
  • 99 bottles of beer

    The website 99 bottles of beer shows how to write the lyrics of the song, with the same name, in about 1300 different programming languages. I've now made a contribution written in SQL. Here's the lyrics of the song: 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it...
    Posted to Johan Åhlén (Weblog) by jahlen on Fri, Oct 9 2009
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