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  • SQL Server Modeling - the new name for Oslo

    As expected, Microsoft has announced the real name for the Oslo platform during the PDC. It has been named SQL Server Modeling . They also have announced they will release a new CTP, called SQL Server Modeling CTP . However the components ( "M" , "Quadrant" and "Repository"...
    Posted to Johan Åhlén (Weblog) by jahlen on Tue, Nov 17 2009
  • MGrammar – Tokenizing

    I’m currently working on an EDI grammar, I came across some unexpected behavior upon tokenizing the input. UNA:+.? ' UNB+UNOC:3+123456789:ZZ+987654321:ZZ+090804:0758+491944' UNH+464009+APERAK:D:07B:UN:2.0b' BGM+313+464009' DTM+137:200908040758:203' RFF+ACE:100048193285' DTM+171...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Sat, Aug 8 2009
  • How to use the Oslo Repository to store your Service configurations

    Most of the sample from Microsoft have so far been more about HOW to use “Oslo”, rather then WHY and WHEN. This has brought many developers to struggle about what to make out of “Oslo”, and how to put it in good use. There are, however, several very interesting community posts about Oslo. But most of...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Tue, Jul 7 2009
  • "Oslo"==SOA++?

    In my last post I wrote "Oslo" == Windows Registry++ , to describe the simplicity of "Oslo". I also said " the simplicity of "Oslo" is what makes up its complexity ". SOA has different impact upon different roles within an organization. But if you would be a "Process...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Thu, Oct 30 2008
  • "Oslo"==Windows Registry(++)?

    So finally, Microsoft revealed "Oslo" . There has been so much rumors about what it is. Starting of at the SOA & BPM conference last year, "Oslo" was to be the next generation of BizTalk. For some time now, it's been clear that this was not to be the case. But what is it then...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Thu, Oct 30 2008
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