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  • LINQ Material

    The presentation made available for download through this post is in swedish. The code however is "international". First of I would like to list what I think are two of the best getting started with LINQ resources available online. The free e-book Introducing Microsoft LINQ All the MSDN Nuggets...
  • LINQ in BizTalk - Follow up

    I've previously posted my ideas about using LINQ in BizTalk . At that point it was just theories, and following the links in the comments section of that post I wasn't the first to have them. Thanks to the red bits/green bits approach BizTalk Server can use LINQ today by using Visual Studio 2008...
  • LINQ in BizTalk?

    Intriguing title, and I think it can be done. It might not be practical, not yet. We'll get there eventually. But for now... There are ways to utilize many of the C# 3.0 features in 2.0 , even extension methods , and there is even a LINQ library that allows you to do LINQ to objects in .NET 2.0 ...
  • Snow and LINQ

    For those of you wondering where I've been - I've been on vacation for the last 10 days, skiing and snowboarding. Although slightly of topic for this blog I just have to share one of the pictures we took with you, to give you an idea of the wonderful snow and weather we had. And yes, that's...
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