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  • ESB Guidance...part 7

    How to consume an Itinerary Service I have to admit; -I wasn’t planning on writing seven articles about ESB Guidance. But the documentation does not cover much of this topic, and there are things to take under consideration when working with the itinerary services provided by the ESB Guidance. Normally...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Wed, Feb 6 2008
  • ESB Guidance...part 6

    Policy based routing using the Business Rule Engine resolver There are several samples that come with the ESB Guidance installation utilizing the BRE Resolver to resolve the endpoints. All of them implements a very simple rule that states {if 1==1 then...}. This can still be useful when you only want...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Fri, Feb 1 2008
  • ESB Guidance...part 5

    Extending ESB Guidance · Blogical.Adapter.SQL - Download · Blogical.Adapter.SMTP - Download · Blogical.Resolver.LDAP - Download · Blogical.Resolver.SQL - Download Adapter Provider Framework After a resolver executes, the dynamic resolution service checks whether the result is an endpoint (not a transformation...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Fri, Jan 25 2008
  • ESB Guidance...part 3

    Itinerary Processing So what does ESB Guidance offer beyond the management and monitoring aspect? The notion of itinerary processing was all new to me, and as I said in previous posts , I didn't really understand the concept at first. However, now that I do, I think of this as, by far, the coolest...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by logical on Thu, Dec 13 2007
  • ESB Guidance…part 2

    Management and monitoring Eventually I got through with the installation procedure, and got the portal up and running. Being a BizTalk developer you are pretty much neglected from any kind of user-friendly experience. -This looks really good, and it seems easy to manage. Exceptions are caught, and nicely...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Fri, Dec 7 2007
  • ESB Guidance…part 1

    Christmas came early this year... I first heard of ESB Guidance at the SOA Conference in Redmond. And even though I attended Marty Wasznickys sessions, it took me a while to fully understand the concept. I mean, just looking at the ESB portal and the Exception Handling Framework, what more could a BizTalk...
    Posted to Mikael Håkansson (Weblog) by wmmihaa on Sat, Dec 1 2007
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