March 2012 - Posts

Today I registered for TechEd Europe 2012. Last time was in cold autumn Berlin. This time it will be warm summer Amsterdam. Time to stock up on motivation, knowledge, contacts and also some “Bitter Cookies” and Heineken.

Last time I blogged my proverbial a$$ off and I can guarantee I will do the same this time.

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The first meeting was a success. Not as good as BUGS I can tell you that, but the feedback had a lot of nice words in it at least.

Next Thursday is Holy Thursday, which by Swedish work ethic means that no one attends a meeting after 12. Therefore the meeting is held next Thursday (the 12th) at the same time.

The topic is: A lot of useful hints and tricks that are in BizTalk but that you might know of or seldom use.

…or BugLoSE for short.

BugLoSEI have started a BizTalk user group within Logica aimed at educating the Swedish-speaking part of the company I work for, on how to use my favorite product.

The first meeting will be held online this Thursday (the 22nd) at 12 CET. It will be about BizTalk and clustering; a semi-advanced topic that seems to be quite high in demand.

Following a regular bi-weekly basis, we will continue to host these event online and cover different topics.

If you are a Logica employee, contact me if you would like to attend or have any questions.