logo-mix-ibm-microsoft The last couple of days I have been working with IBM connectivity. We use standard IBM components to bridge SQL Server SSIS and DB2. The component has been working 100% in all but one environment.

So, everything is installed and seems to be configured correctly. The package is installed and every possible setting checks out compared to the other (working) instances. Still I get the error message above.

A google search points me to fixpacks, upgrades and horrific security settings (sharing the %systemroot%)! Even the support forums at IBM turns up this little sad, unanswered, post.

The simple answer was found by a colleague: Run SSMS as administrator! The elevated rights make it possible for SSMS to utilize the IBM provider.

Then it hits me: In no other of the working environment are we trying to execute the SSIS package from SSMS. We use jobs for that… Now I will celebrate and possibly kill myself