Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:45 AM Mikael Sand

Time to get educated – The new cert is here!

This is mostly one of those “retweet"-posts”, since the publication of the new exams are yesterday’s news (literally it was published on March 30th).

Both fellow bloggers Steef-Jan and Mick Breeze has posted on it and Steef-Jan points out the new parts of the exam. Check out the page here.
(Update 2011-04-01) Be sure to read Steef-Jan's later post about available resources about what to learn before taking the test.

The BRE has been made less important as the exam has the new section: “Implementing Capabilities” that includes RFID (does anyone besides K-mart use that?), EDI and BRE.

Also, there is a new section about WCF and it’s adapters.

Interestingly; nothing is mentioned about AppFabric integration. I find this strange, since it is an obvious stepping stone towards integrating with cloud based services. Also: there is nothing about integrating cloud based services… My theory is that these services are still in a kind of beta stage and are subject to change.

Now to find some reading material as well as certified examiner.

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