Thursday, November 11, 2010 4:08 PM Mikael Sand

ASI304 - WCF and Windows Server AppFabric - Services Made Easy

Presented by: Jon Flanders
Video here.

Jon was back in his usual attire including shorts and he was still his usual self.

The session was really about hosting WCF services in AppFabric, something that comes highly recommended, or to quote Jon: “I can’t think of at reason not to run AppFabric if you use WCF 4.0”. He also talked a bit about that out of the box, AppFabric logs a lot of events. This works for both WCF and WF. The standard setting, health monitoring, logs what happened in a service as it happened in the service. The normal thing today might be that you get a report about something that wet wrong, turn on logging and make it happen again. That era is over! The really interesting thing about the logging is that is done by windows event tracing (ETW), and then posted to a service that handles the events asynchronously, away from the service. This makes the logging virtually work without impact on the service performance. Who can say that about their own service logging today?

Jon then went on to talk about workflow and said that the parallel shape is “totally multithreaded”, but it’s not actually. It just acts multithreaded. I learned this from Ron Jacobs today.

Jon said a very funny thing about airlines and food: “They don’t serve food on any of their flights. They might throw peanuts at you as they scoot down the aisle.

Lastly I learned something I did not know; you can host your WCF 3.5 services in AppFabric but you do not get very limited functionality.

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