September 2010 - Posts

download biztalk

How cool is this: Not only is BizTalk 2010 in RTM status and downloadable right here, but it’s free (as in no charge).

Let me say that again: It’s free,  as in no charge. One wonders what happened to the “grabbing hands”.

Well the developer edition is free but who cares about the other editions except the CXO people?

Be sure to check out the post from the dev team about what’s new in the release. Also I read that someone upgraded from the Beta to RTM with no changes and no problems what so ever.

AppFabric for Dummies

There were a lot of new and interesting things to learn; StreamInsight, Appfabric, how to save time by watching movies at x1.5 speed and also that Fruit of the Loom thinks that women are tiiiiiny.
BizTalk 2010 release date: As the rumours stand it will be fully released by the end of September.
<EDIT 2010-09-22> A pingback from Randal van Splunteren (gotta love that language) places the releasedate at November 14th. However, this is the date at which Microsoft will start supporting the product. The release on MSDN will probably be at an earlier date.</EDIT 2010-09-22>

As the conference drew to a close it was announced that it has been released for “volume licenses”, however us MSDN subscription type people have to wait just a little longer. So any day now.

The presentations are not published yet (maybe they also will be fully released by the end of September). Be sure to check out this site at regular intervals as they were good and full of useful stuff.

Richard Seroter, Stephen Thomas and Ewan Fairweather, was also kind enough to remind us that they wrote a book. Can’t remember what it was called and were to buy it, though…