June 2010 - Posts

So, I will not be able to attend the Roskilde Festival this year (and MUSE cancelled their show in Stockholm), but the next best thing will kick-start the early autumn.

BizTalk User Group Sweden (or BUGS for short) has invited the crowd for a release party at Microsoft this fall. Not only is this a good pointer as to the actual release date of BizTalk 2010, but it is also a very interesting and cool thing to attend – if you are in to BizTalk and related stuff.

The event will include Richard Seroter (and shameless book-plugs), Ewan Fairweather and Stephen Thomas. Two whole days of fun, excitement, slides and demos. More information, and also a way to get tickets, can be found here.

Update: After attending the "party" I wrote this post: http://blogical.se/blogs/mikael_sand/archive/2010/09/14/rumours-and-murmurs-notes-after-the-bugs-conference.aspx

This is just a personal reminder of the kind of error messages you get when you try to use the log for what it was never intended for. In this case I tried to dump validation errors from an XML validation.

So a “best practice” would be to dump information to the event log like this (if the Message is more than 31839 chars):

EventLog.WriteEntry("Heading", ex.Message.Substring(0, 31839 ));