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Microsoft just saved me from a nice, warm, weekend in the sun! The BizTalk 2010 beta is now available.


Get it here:

This is really something to look into and so I will. I heard the following in an interview with Stephen Kaufman and Danny Garber about on Channel 9 about their book.

“If you write a WCF service, it should be hosted in AppFabric.”

‘Nuff said! Learn AppFabric People.

I bit the bullet and bought me a SSD drive when I threw out the old “hay-dryer” since I had heard great things and also because… well what can be more quiet than an SSD? I have installed Windows 7 on the SDD an everything else on the 1TB SATA “classic” disc.

So here are the facts: I used this program to compare this SSD to this auxiliary drive. (I run 64-bit Windows 7).

  Read   Write  
  SSD Other SSD Other
Seq 263.5 (!) 106.4 84.34 (?!) 104.4
512 k 206.6 (!!) 25.86 86.16 64.26
4 k 22.05 (!!) 0.541 53.47 1.251
4 k QD 32 150.9 (!) 1.589 84.84 0.596

I noticed that the SSD is actually slower that the classic drive when it comes to sequential writes, and that is about it. However it is actually better than the product specs from Intel. Those state a max of 80.

So, my computer is quiet and reads fast as “Speedy Gonzales” but should you upgrade your laptop to use an SSD go for the ones with faster writes. They are currently rated to 170 MB/s. They do however cost an arm and a leg… and possibly a cornea as well.