January 2010 - Posts

I have just sat thru a very good webcast called “Road Map for BizTalk Server: Business Automation and Integration Server”, presented by Sudhir Hasbe. For those who have seen the presentation concerning the road ahead for BizTalk at from PDF09 there was really only one important addition; they will upgrade the Trading Partner Management (TPM), but it must be in early beta because nothing specific was said about it.

Also he talked a lot about bringing in WF and still supporting XLANG.

After the presentation at PDF09, a community friend looked for some information about the new mapper and support for WF in the next version (2009R2). These were strong points at the PDC presentation. The thing is that he found the information but from a much earlier PDC (06?). There has also been a video on Channel 9 for ages demonstrating a new mapper.

So this time Sudhir played a video demonstrating the new mapper. My reaction was the same as always; I must have it! Give it to me! I you want to see it, look at the PDC presentation. It is about 25 minutes in.

So with the history of teasing and wetting our appetite I asked if we would actually get it this time and the answer was "*laughter* it's already in the product. It's in the TAP version".


I for one cannot wait.

This is quite old, however very useful so I thought I would share it. Also I need to “get on the ball” and post something on my blog.

So, you try to delete a dll-file and get the error “could not delete the file because it is used by another process”. Often that process is Visual Studio so a simple restart does the trick. However, sometimes that does not cut it. So how to find the process:

  1. Open a command tool (as admin)
  2. Type tasklist /m nameofthelockedfile.dll
  3. View list.


For more help about tasklist, type tasklist /? for help.

Now that you have the image name, kill the process and go about your marry way.