Tuesday, September 01, 2009 8:44 AM Mikael Sand

Pro Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Last Friday I finished a book on WCF (I know everything there is to know now, right?) and so I have gone all trough the weekend and Monday without anything to read! Enter my colleague Johan, who came to the rescue and donated a book on BAM in BizTalk 2009. I should make for an interesting read. “Everyone” is always on about BAM being a total gem in BizTalk and that it can be really helpful. Also, it is usually mentioned as a big selling-point to execs with wonderful graphs and cubes and … stuff. I have yet to see BAM being used to it’s full extent. I would like to change that.

My views on the book will be published here when I am done reading.

proBAM_ApressPro Business Activity Monitoring in BizTalk 2009

by: Jeff Sanders and Geoff Snowman

Update. Richard Seroter has sent his famous 4 questions to Jeff Sanders. Read the insightful result here.

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