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Error 0xC004F074 when activating Windows 7 Enterprise

Firstly: Stop asking me for activation keys (codes)! There is no way I will give you any.

When installing Windows 7 I had just one problem and that was down to my own shortcomings. When I tried to activate Windows it gave me a strange error saying “Error Code 0xC004F074”:


The "More Information"-link does not provide much info. The thing is that when you install Windows 7 Enterprise you never really enter and product key and therefore Windows cannot be activated, since the key is moot.

Enter the new keyWhat you have to do is change the product key by clicking the correct link in the activation window. The activation window is found in the Control Panel. Instructions on how to change the product key can be found here. It features instructions on how to do it via UI and command line.

Now enter your proper key and click next and you are done my friend.

Date and Time Zone Settings
Commenter jmbosse89 pointed out that you will also get this error "if your Date and maybe Time Zone/Regional Settings are not matching". This seems to be the most common solution, judging by the comments.
Simply make sure that your system time and time zone are correct.

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