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REST Start Kit for BizTalk Server
28 May 12 12:45 AM | wmmihaa
The REST Start Kit for BizTalk Server is about providing support for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operation, for both Receive and Send ports together with support for both XML and JSON. In a former post , I showed how to expose REST services from BizTalk...
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Exposing JSON/REST endpoints from BizTalk
07 March 12 02:14 PM | wmmihaa
This ports is no longer valid. An update can be found here : Solutions for consuming REST services from BizTalk has been around for a while, and Jon Flanders has an excellent post about it . However, very little has been told about exposing REST endpoints...
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Using User-defined tables as stored procedure parameter
15 December 11 01:47 PM | wmmihaa
The WCF-SQL adapter provides support for multiple inserts through the Consume Adapter Service feature: However, sometimes you might want to validate the data on the SQL side before before making the insert. For instance, if you have a collection of Customers...
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I did it so you don't have to: Connecting to Dynamics CRM Online from BizTalk Server
11 December 11 02:31 PM | wmmihaa
If you’re a consultant like me, you’ve probably got similar calls from some key account manager, as I did yesterday: KAM : Hi Mikael. I’m just about to close this super big deal, with this super important Customer. Me : Really! Good for you. KAM : Yeah...
How to use the Oslo Repository to store your Service configurations
07 July 09 11:45 AM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
Most of the sample from Microsoft have so far been more about HOW to use “Oslo”, rather then WHY and WHEN. This has brought many developers to struggle about what to make out of “Oslo”, and how to put it in good use. There are, however, several very interesting...
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Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin
20 May 09 03:44 PM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)
BizTalk User Group Sweden has invited Stephen W. Thomas to come to Sweden and talk about Dublin. We are looking forward to an exiting evening with Stephen talking about what’s coming in the (near) future, along with demos using the very latest bits. If...
RESTFull.Net on Bokus
27 November 08 08:08 AM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
For those of you in Sweden, who has been waiting for RESTFull .NET by Jon Flanders; The book has now been released on :
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Jon Flanders will speak at BizTalk User Group Sweden
06 August 08 10:36 AM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)
Our user group has been fortunate enough this year to sign speakers like Darren Jefford and Dwight Goins . On the 4th of September we'll add Jon Flanders to that list. Jon is an MVP BizTalk, instructor for Pluralsight and is well known a cross the...
Dwight Goins will speak at BizTalk User Group Sweden
12 June 08 07:58 AM | wmmihaa
As enough attendees signed up for the ASP.Net Deep Dive course , Dwight Goins will come to join us at the next BizTalk User Group meeting. He will speak about WCF in general, using WCF adapters in BizTalk and hopefully show some insights of the WCF Adapter...
ESB Guidance...part 7
06 February 08 10:26 PM | wmmihaa | 5 comment(s)
How to consume an Itinerary Service I have to admit; -I wasn’t planning on writing seven articles about ESB Guidance. But the documentation does not cover much of this topic, and there are things to take under consideration when working with the itinerary...
ESB Guidance…part 1
01 December 07 06:20 PM | wmmihaa
Christmas came early this year... I first heard of ESB Guidance at the SOA Conference in Redmond. And even though I attended Marty Wasznickys sessions, it took me a while to fully understand the concept. I mean, just looking at the ESB portal and the...
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