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How to use context data with Business Rules
17 February 15 01:51 AM | wmmihaa
I had never come across the need to execute rules based on message metadata until a colleague of mine asked me the other day. Which is surprising as we often define routing rules based on the message context. The basic principle is simple, – Rather than...
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PowerShell cmdlet for BizTalk db restore
22 February 11 08:59 AM | wmmihaa | 4 comment(s)
Configuring the backup job for BizTalk is a fairly simple task, while restoring it is a bit more complicated. By default the BizTalk backup job makes a full backup once a day, and a log backup every 15 minutes. When backups are done, a mark is set on...
BizTalk Benchmark Wizard – New release
23 April 10 02:25 PM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)
The Benchmark Wizard was released earlier this year, and even though we got lots of good feedback we’ve also got requests for some changes. If you haven’t yet heard about this tool, the purpose of it is to verify your BizTalk environment performs as expected...
Get your blog to speak up!
12 February 10 10:42 AM | wmmihaa
By clicking the    icon above you can have the content of the blog post to be read back to you. Not a very useful feature perhaps, but I thought it was pretty cool. The feature is provided by ReadSpeaker and is easy to implement. First, register...
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WebCast - BizTalk Benchmark Wizard
01 February 10 09:00 PM | wmmihaa
The webcast is moved to . Overview: MSDN Devcenter Download: Download from For more information: Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 1) How to install: Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 2) BBW Drill Down: Benchmark your BizTalk...
Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 2)
10 January 10 11:00 AM | wmmihaa | 21 comment(s)
This post describes the installation process for the BizTalk Benchmark Wizard application. For more information read part 1 . The complete installation will include the following components: BizTalk Benchmark wizard – The client tool from which you will...
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Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 1)
10 January 10 12:00 AM | wmmihaa | 4 comment(s)
Ever wondered if your BizTalk is all it can be? Verifying your BizTalk Server installation is not an easy thing to do. So far the BizTalk Server 2009 Performance Optimization Guide is probably your safest bet. The Optimization Guide provides in-depth...
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Developing custom tools for BizTalk
14 December 09 12:10 PM | wmmihaa | 8 comment(s)
For the last four months I’ve been developing a benchmarking tool for BizTalk which is going to be released soon. However, I thought I’d share some of the pain you might run into while developing custom tooling for BizTalk. The problem lies with communicating...
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New BizTalk Subscription Explorer
11 January 09 05:00 PM | wmmihaa | 36 comment(s)
So BizTalk 2009 CTP was released, and yet another version of BizTalk without the Solution Designer . NOT saying that this tool is anything like it, -but it's addressing the same issue of getting a graphical overview of port- and orchestration subscriptions...
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BizTalk Undeploy Helper moved to CodePlex
08 December 08 12:11 PM | wmmihaa
This application has been on blog for a while, and I'm happy to have got lots of feed-back. Apparently, I'm not the only one finding uninstalling/re-installing BizTalk assemblies to be challenging. You have to know the order of references between...
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Updated tool for undeploying BizTalk assemblies
23 October 08 11:02 PM | wmmihaa
I previously wrote an article about a tool that could help you undeploy BizTalk assemblies with its references, without going through the pain of keeping track of all assembly references. The tool has now been updated for better support of dependency...
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Tool for undeploying BizTalk assemblies
02 October 08 11:15 PM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)
Ever found it challenging to uninstall a schema or an orchestration? This tool was designed to find all referencing assemblies and related BizTalk artifacts such as Ports, Locations and Orchestrations. Installing the tool: The zip-file includes both source...
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Restoring BizTalk ports and orchestrations after maintenance shutdown
31 March 08 08:02 PM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
Given a scenario where you have a maintenance window, and need to shut down one or more applications, you might find it challenging when you are going to start them up again. If you are working with a large BizTalk solution, the Application Stop and Start...
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