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Changing xsn prefix and grouping using XSLT with BizTalk
06 October 15 02:07 PM | wmmihaa
I’m not an expert in XSLT, nor am I a fan of it. But although my feeling for XSLT (which I’m sure is mutual) are cold and hostile at best, I recognize it as sometimes the only solution to the problem. Recently, I’ve come across two scenarios where it...
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Screencast: Building Pipeline Components with Forward Only Streaming
21 September 08 04:19 PM | wmmihaa | 3 comment(s)
Also take a minute to read Johan's blog post about best practices when building pipeline components .
BizTalk SQL Message Archive component using Forward-Only Streaming
30 April 08 02:00 AM | wmmihaa | 10 comment(s)
A colleague of mine, Christoph Hanser , came to me with the idea you could use the UPDATETEXT command to stream data to a SQL database. This approach would work well with a forward-only streaming manner, which would consume much less (BizTalk) resources...
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Database lookup functoid with caching feature
28 April 08 12:11 PM | wmmihaa | 26 comment(s)
Nor the out-of-the-box Database lookup functiod or the XRef functoid come with any caching capabilities, which might produce a tremendous amount database traffic, and eventually cause transformations to run poorly. If you are repeatedly executing similar...

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