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Samples from BizTalk User Group meeting
21 October 08 11:17 PM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
Here are the samples from the BizTalk User Group meeting last Monday.
Jon Flanders will speak at BizTalk User Group Sweden
06 August 08 10:36 AM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)
Our user group has been fortunate enough this year to sign speakers like Darren Jefford and Dwight Goins . On the 4th of September we'll add Jon Flanders to that list. Jon is an MVP BizTalk, instructor for Pluralsight and is well known a cross the...
How to replace Tracking with BAM in BizTalk
22 May 08 02:00 AM | wmmihaa | 4 comment(s)
There are several reasons why you’d consider using BAM as your primary tracking source, rather than the regular tracking (BizTalkDTADb). The BAM infrastructure allows purging and partitioning of tables while updating views allowing you to access the data...
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