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Azure Mobile Services API support for Xamarin
01 November 13 05:01 PM | wmmihaa
This might be one of my shorter post, but I thought it was worth sharing. I’ve been working with a game lately and depend heavily on Azure Mobile Services. Microsoft has been kind enough to provide us with the Azure Mobile Services for Xamarin , which...
Securing Azure BizTalk Services using ADFS
01 September 13 02:27 PM | wmmihaa
In all fairness, this post relates to Azure Service Bus in general and not specifically to Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS). When is this relevant? Azure Service Bus and WABS both rely on Azure Access Control Service (ACS) to authenticate users before...
Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI December 2011 CTP – Content Based Routing
18 December 11 03:11 PM | wmmihaa
In this blog post we are going look at how to manage routing in the new Azure ServiceBus EAI CTP. As a scenario, I’m going to send a request for information (RFI) to some of my fellow MVP’s. To do that, I’m going to create a One-Way Xml Bridge, to receive...
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Enfo Zystems is sponsoring a two day event focusing all on integration.
14 September 11 09:59 PM | wmmihaa
Welcome to Integration days 2011! If you are in the integration space, you’ll find all kinds of interesting and valuable sessions in any of the four tracks; Strategy, Public, Microsoft and IBM . Each track has six sessions with speakers from both Enfo...
Demos from the How to do integration with Office365 and On-Premise Applications at TechEd (MID372-INT)
18 May 11 06:51 PM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)
Thanks to everyone attending my session on integration with Office365 and on-prem applications. All demos can be downloaded from here: I recommended you to start downloading the AppFabric SDK...
My 15 favorite blog posts of 2010
22 December 10 08:41 PM | wmmihaa | 7 comment(s)
I’ve taken the time to reflect over the blogs I follow, and though about the impact it made to my work over the last year. I’ve also credited post for being just interesting or cool, and perhaps useful in the future. I’ve done this post as a tribute to...
10.000 SEK for a developer!
09 December 10 10:05 PM | wmmihaa
We are in desperate need of developers! If you point me to anyone (yourself included), I’ll split the finder’s fee of 20.000 SEK with you , if we hire that person. Who are “we”? Enfo Zystems is a company with a long standing commitment to integration...
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Videos from the BizTalk Conference in Stockholm available on Channel9
15 October 10 10:52 AM | wmmihaa | 3 comment(s)
All the videos from European BizTalk Conference in Stockholm has been published on Channel9. Thanks to everyone attending, and of course also Richard, Ewan and Stephen for coming over to Sweden. All sessions relates to the Applied Architecture Patterns...
BizTalk User Group Sweden – Bonus Session (for your manager)
23 July 10 06:34 PM | wmmihaa
As you should by now, we are hosting a BizTalk Release Party in Stockholm on the 8th-9th of September, featuring Richard Seroter , Stephen W. Thomas and Ewan Fairweather .  All the sessions will be technical (level ~300) and targets Developer/Architects...
Welcome to our two days release party of BizTalk 2010
21 June 10 11:48 PM | wmmihaa | 8 comment(s)
As you my already know, we are hosting a fantastic event in Stockholm, as we celebrate 10 year anniversary of BizTalk as a product along with the release of the new 2010 version. At the same time, Richard Seroter , Stephen W. Thomas , Ewan Fairweather...
Be aware of your Azure bill!
23 April 10 11:15 AM | wmmihaa | 4 comment(s)
I have been playing around with Azure since it was first released at the PDC. I have since then done several demos for Microsoft and my employer Logica. The demos have been pretty much the same demo over and over, why I stopped the service rather than...
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