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I did it so you don't have to: Connecting to Dynamics CRM Online from BizTalk Server
11 December 11 02:31 PM | wmmihaa
If you’re a consultant like me, you’ve probably got similar calls from some key account manager, as I did yesterday: KAM : Hi Mikael. I’m just about to close this super big deal, with this super important Customer. Me : Really! Good for you. KAM : Yeah...
How to use the new “FTPS adapter” with BizTalk 2010
26 September 10 11:30 PM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
First of all – there is no new FTPS adapter. The already existing FTP adapter has been extended to support FTPS, which is really all you need anyway. However, several publications from Microsoft states there is a new FTPS adapter, which might be somewhat...
BizTalk Sftp Adapter - New release 1.4 available on CodePlex
21 September 10 02:10 PM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
I’ve got quite a few request for Proxy support through the years, and eventually someone (no names) got tired of waiting, hired me as a consultant, and forced me to implement it. So I’m happy to say the BizTalk adapter now comes with support for HTTP...
BizTalk Sftp Adapter - New release 1.3.6 available on CodePlex
11 August 10 08:12 PM | wmmihaa
I got great feedback from many users, and have made some updates to the bLogical BizTalk adapter:. Disabling the connection pool (only used for send ports) Some SSH servers can not handle the connection pool very well. This can also be a problem if there...
Blogical Sftp Adapter – New Release (Beta)
20 April 10 09:07 PM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
Thanks to feed-back we got, we’ve done some minor, but important, changes to the adapter: %UniversalDateTime% added to the list of supported macros Temp folder and remote permissions no longer required properties. Empty files are no longer picked up or...
BizTalk User Group Sweden - BizTalk Host Integration Server Adapters
02 March 10 01:12 PM | wmmihaa | 3 comment(s)
Support for integration with IBM Mainframe and AS 400 is often mentioned as a key feature of BizTalk. And as many of these system are still in use, the knowledge of these adapters should be widely spread; -but unfortunately it is not. In fact, it has...
Request For Speaker
28 January 10 01:52 PM | wmmihaa
The Host adapters is a very significant part of BizTalk. However, the knowledge about them are almost absent, which is unfortunate as they should be quite useful. A quick study among our biggest clients shows that many of them are still using mainframe...
bLogical SFTP Adapter – New Release
03 August 09 10:53 PM | wmmihaa | 9 comment(s)
The adapter has been stable for quite a while, with +3 000 downloads, great reviews, and one of the most popular BizTalk related downloads on CodePlex . On popular demand, we’ve now added support for SSO Affiliate Application , along with some minor fixes...
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bLogical SFTP Adapter – Planning for new release
25 July 09 10:12 AM | wmmihaa
I’ve been doing some minor bug fixes to the adapter, and plan a new release after the summer. So far, the only new feature is support for SSO, as that has been requested many times. However, I’m eager to hear if there are other requests. If there are...
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Blogical Sftp Adapter - New release
27 October 08 01:17 AM | wmmihaa
Johan Hedberg has updated the Sftp adapter with various features such as: Supports file Rename on top of the default Delete behavior for Receive, with macro support - you can specify eg. %SourceFileName%.old for rename name. Support for a temporary filename...
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BizTalk Talk (Speech) Adapter - Screencast and download
07 September 08 09:52 PM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)
So BizTalk can walk the walk, -but can it TALK the TALK? I sincerely hope this adapter will come to the rescue, upon deploying your mission critical solution. Yes I know, I got to much spare time...but here is the download .
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Dwight Goins will speak at BizTalk User Group Sweden
12 June 08 07:58 AM | wmmihaa
As enough attendees signed up for the ASP.Net Deep Dive course , Dwight Goins will come to join us at the next BizTalk User Group meeting. He will speak about WCF in general, using WCF adapters in BizTalk and hopefully show some insights of the WCF Adapter...
BizTalk Sftp Adapter - Updated
07 May 08 08:50 AM | wmmihaa
I published the Sftp adapter on Codeplex a couple of month ago, and got lots of feedback since then. A couple of issues where found, and these has been fixed: Fixed port configuration Multiple use of Macros such as %MessageID%_%SourceFileName%, now works...
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BizTalk Sftp Adapter - updated to support dynamic send ports
18 March 08 06:35 PM | wmmihaa | 1 comment(s)
We were asked if the adapter supported dynamic send port, and if it was configurable from within orchestrations. As this was not the case, Johan found himself compelled to solve this. Although the documentation is not yet updated, the source code and...
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BizTalk Sftp Adapter - Troubleshooting
05 March 08 04:37 PM | wmmihaa
We’ve used and tested this adapter extensively for my former customer, and when correctly configured, we haven’t had any major issues. However, you might find it challenging to use due to other factors such as generating identity key files, opening of...
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