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Published 02 March 10 01:12 PM | wmmihaa

Support for integration with IBM Mainframe and AS 400 is often mentioned as a key feature of BizTalk. And as many of these system are still in use, the knowledge of these adapters should be widely spread; -but unfortunately it is not.

In fact, it has been a challenge to even find anyone to do a session about this topic. It was not until we sent out a request for speaker on our blogs that we eventually found someone qualified to do the job. This is a great opportunity for anyone calling themselves a “BizTalk developer”, to find out how to use one of the key selling points of BizTalk, and open up some new prospects for business.      

Are you in Stockholm on the 16th of March? Then come see Sam Vanhoutte and Peter Borremans from CODit talk about: Network integration, Data integration, Application integration and Messaging integration.

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