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Get your blog to speak up!
12 February 10 10:42 AM | wmmihaa

By clicking the  Speaker Icon  icon above you can have the content of the blog post to be read back to you. Not a very useful feature perhaps, but I thought it was pretty cool. The feature is provided by ReadSpeaker and is easy to implement.

First, register you on the ReadSpeaker site. The advertisement version is free but can only be used for personal websites and bloggers.

Secondly, add the script tag below in the head of your page. I’m using Community Server, so I added it to the theme masterpage.


Then, on your page add the img tag below:

<img onclick="readpage(this.id+escape(document.location.href),1); return false;"
title="Listen with webReader" 
alt="Listen with webReader"/>

If you want to limit the text to be read you can use the comments below:

    Blog post....</p>
<!-- RSPEAK_STOP -->

btw, it’s not optimized for reading code, as you might have already found out ;)

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Adding and using C# classes in BizTalk projects
02 February 10 11:08 AM | wmmihaa | 5 comment(s)

I’ve seen several posts of how to add .cs files to your VS2008 BizTalk projects (Yossi has a good post), but none of them shows how to use them, which is not that obvious.

First of all, you can not use classes defined in the same project as the orchestration where you plan to use them. Secondly, and this is where I got stuck, – You don’t get any Intellisense!

But it will compile and work just fine.

Thanks to Jan Eliasen for the help.

WebCast - BizTalk Benchmark Wizard
01 February 10 09:00 PM | wmmihaa

The webcast is moved to Cloudcast.net. 

MSDN Devcenter
Download from CodePlex.com
For more information:
Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 1)
How to install:
Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 2)
BBW Drill Down:
Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 3)

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