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Published 03 August 09 10:53 PM | wmmihaa

The adapter has been stable for quite a while, with +3 000 downloads, great reviews, and one of the most popular BizTalk related downloads on CodePlex. On popular demand, we’ve now added support for SSO Affiliate Application, along with some minor fixes.

We also got feed-back from Kent Weare among others, where the lack of organized support has been a factor for not using the adapter. In relation to this, Logica is going to offer extended support for those in need. This offer is going to be available late August 2009.

We will of course continue to be active answering questions on the CodePlex forum.  

As I’m still on vacation, I haven’t been able to test the new version as much as I would have liked to. Because of this, I haven’t promoted the release to be default just yet. Please submit feed-back!!!

Get the 1.3.3 version here.

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