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Screencast: Building Pipeline Components with Forward Only Streaming
21 September 08 04:19 PM | wmmihaa | 3 comment(s)



Also take a minute to read Johan's blog post about best practices when building pipeline components.

BizTalk Talk (Speech) Adapter - Screencast and download
07 September 08 09:52 PM | wmmihaa | 2 comment(s)

So BizTalk can walk the walk, -but can it TALK the TALK?

I sincerely hope this adapter will come to the rescue, upon deploying your mission critical solution.

Yes I know, I got to much spare time...but here is the download.

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"By the way, -We don't use the term Breaking the firewall"
05 September 08 08:43 AM | wmmihaa

...“We prefer to use the term secure traversal through diverse network topologies, instead"
-Jon Flanders talking about the BizTalk Connectivity Services (Relay)

Thank you all for attending the BizTalk User Group meeting in Stockholm last night. I personally did not think I’d find REST as interesting as I did. And it was obvious I wasn’t the only one stunned by Jon Flanders awesome presentation. Anyone signed up for his book yet?

Thanks Jon, we hope to see you again next year.

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