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BizTalk Server 2013 Developer Edition arrives
05 November 13 01:47 PM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 Developer Edition New SKUs and Changes “ Effective November 1, 2013, Microsoft BizTalk Server (BTS) 2013 Developer Edition licenses will be available under the Developer Tools license model in the Open, Select Plus and Worldwide...
How the per-core licensing model will (by my guess) affect how we build BizTalk environments today
10 February 12 03:37 PM | Johan Hedberg
SQL Server 2012 comes with a new licensing model . Instead of per processor socket you will pay per core. Licenses are sold in two core packs with a minimum of four core licenses needed per physical processor (even if that processor only has two cores...
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Why BizTalk Server 2010 R2 should be BizTalk Server 2013
03 January 12 07:33 PM | Johan Hedberg | 7 comment(s)
That BizTalk Server 2010 will have a successor and that the working title of that release is BizTalk Server 2010 R2 was announced at the BizTalk Server team blog in december 2011 and re-announced by folks like Kent Weare , Charles Young , Saravana Kumar...
BizTalk Per-Proc Licensing DeepDive
20 January 11 07:32 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)
Now that I feel I’ve finally reached the bottom of this pit, travelling the last distance in pitch black before finally reaching the bottom, I felt a post was in order. I am however not a licensing expert so I might still take a step to the side here...
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