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Put to the question
05 October 10 11:33 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)
After Richard Seroter and the guys visit to Stockholm I ended up being given the 4 questions. They are here . The complete, always entertaining, categorized series is here . Richard notes in the introduction to the questions that I am a passable ship...
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Cross Reference notes
02 October 10 12:40 AM | Johan Hedberg
This isn’t a really deep how-to technical post, it’s more in the way of “note to self”. Sample Database Diagram (relations do not actually exist in BizTalkMgmtDb, I added them for visualization).   Sample Cross-Reference Files.   Firing the...
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Preparing for PDC 09
09 November 09 11:39 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)
I’ll be there. I’m happy about it. The sessions looks promising, although I have to say that the functionality of the website as far as scheduling goes really blows. There it no way to visualize your schedule, and no way to export it to your outlook calendar...
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LiveMeeting presentation tools
27 October 09 07:25 AM | Johan Hedberg
I just finished delivering the last of the modules of 6461A: Visual Studio 2008: Windows Communication Foundation, through a mix of on-premises and distance delivery, for a group of roughly 30 people. All that’s left is a little wrap up. Previously on...
Doesn’t everyone want to be the one that chooses?
11 October 09 01:23 AM | Johan Hedberg | 6 comment(s)
Lazy? Perhaps. But bad? Unfair! IT departments and consulting companies alike are not populated by bad developers, or lazy developers, or impassionate for that matter. The word passionate is appropriate for developers or architects that do keep in sync...
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BizTalk MVP 2009
03 April 09 02:47 PM | Johan Hedberg | 3 comment(s)
I have been awarded MVP for BizTalk in 2009. I'm really happy to be able to involve myself even further in my favorite product as well as other things. A big thank you to everyone that was somehow involved. I'm looking forward to an exciting year...
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Upcoming speaking engagements
28 January 09 09:57 PM | Johan Hedberg
I’ve been blessed with quite an active speaking schedule over the next couple of months. I’m happy to have been trusted with the talks, and look forward to giving them. The 10th of February is the BizTalk User Group Sweden , and a talk about the new features...
New-ish downloadable BizTalk related resources
14 January 09 10:50 PM | Johan Hedberg
List of a few new downloadable posters, whitepapers and help documents. BAM Activity Monitoring in Depth for Developers Using Custom Behaviors with the BizTalk WCF Adapters, part 1 and part 2 BizTalk Server 2009 beta chm , also updated R2 chm BizTalk...
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Found some posts from an old 2005 blog
06 January 09 09:28 AM | Johan Hedberg
I created t his blog page for me to save some of my old blog entries in a new location. I would just link them in, but funny thing has happened. This [old] space is registered using an email adress that I no longer have access to, and I can't log...
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2008 popular posts
05 January 09 09:45 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)
So, a year passed. Year-end statistics are always fun. However I really need to make sure we have additional statistics available, as it stands now, stats are somewhat too sparse to give really meaningful feedback. I'd like to highlight a few posts...
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In the same bookshelf?
02 January 09 11:40 AM | Johan Hedberg
I've gotten myself a new book. We are looking at options of doing in-house training, and I'm currently looking at material to use for that purpose, and I got this book as part of that quest. I got the MCTS Self Paced Training Kit (exam 70-503...
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Event log service is unavailable issue
21 December 08 01:50 PM | Johan Hedberg | 16 comment(s)
I thought I'd blog about this issue I had, since it was in the end so easy to solve, but I had a hard time finding a good description of both my specific problem and any resolution. I am a bit ashamed to say that I got quite creative before trying...
Recipes for working with Microsoft Virtual PC
21 December 08 12:28 AM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)
Robert Folkesson , a Swedish Microsoft developer evangelist, wrote recently about a recipe for getting good performance out of a VPC (in Swedish). In summary and translated to English, he suggest that you run the base VPC from an USB memory stick and...
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I'm in .iso installation hell
20 December 08 10:15 PM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)
I've been installing a new VPC with Windows 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and BizTalk Server 2009. I've never had so much trouble installing from .iso files. It seems to work 1 out of 5 times, or less. Even when you try the same file...
Resource availability for standard platforms (like BizTalk Server) is insufficient
07 December 08 06:38 PM | Johan Hedberg
The papers in Sweden reported last week that resources with expert level knowledge on standard platforms and systems are hard to come by. In summary it says that its an emerging trend in Sweden to use standard platforms, but the fact that resources are...
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