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BizTalk Server 2009 VPC
18 October 09 08:00 PM | Johan Hedberg | 7 comment(s)
Available. Usable for demos, Hands-On labs and just getting a peak at BizTalk Server 2009 if you aren’t yet running it. Good news. Get it here . Update 1 [2009-10-19]: This download is currently corrupt. Fix pending. Update 2 [2009-10-24]: The download...
How-to: Get status from a windows service?
07 December 08 11:28 PM | Johan Hedberg
I was asked: "How can I call into a Windows Service to get it's status?" A little more background said that status was to be retrieved by clients (a website) on the same machine. My response was to use WCF with the NetNamedPipeBinding. Since...
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Blogical SFTP Adapter for BizTalk gets passphrase support
23 November 08 10:47 PM | Johan Hedberg | 5 comment(s)
I've uploaded a new version of the Blogical SFTP Adapter for BizTalk unto Codeplex . This release adds support for passphrase protected identityfiles after a forums request . Get it here .
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Blogical SFTP Adapter v1.3
27 October 08 12:56 AM | Johan Hedberg
I've updated the Blogical SFTP Adapter previously released to codeplex by Mikael to include a couple of new features that have been requested and developed for or by customers or community. The abaility to leave files on the source server and rename...
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BUGS - BAM Session 2 - Samples
21 October 08 11:12 PM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)
Here is the demo code , and presentation (in swedish) from the BAM talk I gave at the BizTalk User Group Sweden event on the 20th. Thank you all who attended, and to Precio for hosting it. Please contact me with any questions you might have about the...
LINQ Material
22 May 08 08:40 PM | Johan Hedberg
The presentation made available for download through this post is in swedish. The code however is "international". First of I would like to list what I think are two of the best getting started with LINQ resources available online. The free...
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BAM Poster available at Microsoft Download
19 May 08 07:03 AM | Johan Hedberg
The BizTalk Team announced that a new poster, the BAM poster , will see the light of day. I really like the posters that have been released as companions to the BizTalk Server documentation. I'm not really the graphical guy, at least not when it comes...
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LINQ in BizTalk - Follow up
16 May 08 05:08 PM | Johan Hedberg
I've previously posted my ideas about using LINQ in BizTalk . At that point it was just theories, and following the links in the comments section of that post I wasn't the first to have them. Thanks to the red bits/green bits approach BizTalk...
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Pure Messaging Acknowledgements - Follow up
20 April 08 12:58 AM | Johan Hedberg
This post is a follow up to my previous post Delivery Notifications outside Orchestrations - a pure Messaging approach . The sole reason for this is to provide a downloadable demo and a walkthrough of that. The demo features a solution with one pipeline...
How do you track the latest Microsoft Downloads
16 April 08 07:15 PM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)
Do you ever wonder how alot of bloggers seems to know when downloads become available on the Microsoft Downloads site ? And blog about it almost instantly. I am not a download chaser myself, mostly because I don't have the stamina to check up on the...
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