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Note to those who comment - captcha enabled
22 April 08 10:40 PM | Johan Hedberg
Due to an ever increasing amount of spam I installed the (Ajax enabled) captcha control for CommunityServer 2007 written by Brendan Tompkins today. The installation documentation was clear enough, kinda. It still took me a little bit to get it working...
Getting formatted c# code into CommunityServer
06 January 08 02:38 PM | Johan Hedberg
After looking at a couple of different solutions I ended up using csharpformat for one of my previous posts, and I will probably keep using it. It's not perfect, most of all I would have liked getting CopySourceAsHtml working, since judging from the...
Getting ClustrMaps into CommunityServer
29 December 07 09:48 PM | Johan Hedberg
I know, when you're just starting out a blog, you don't have that many readers, if any - so having an empty ClustrMap isn't all that cool. But we all started somewhere. Getting ClustrMap for your blog is as simple as it gets. Just go to http...
Getting Messenger into Community Server 2007.1
29 December 07 12:48 AM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)
See the little Messenger status icon under the News section in the sidebar? You can use that to contact me. If you click it it will open up a web messenger style dialog in a new browser window allowing you to either sign in with your Live Id or post a...

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