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BizTalk Send Ports, WS-Addressing, ClientVia and non-http prefixed To headers, Part 2
22 February 13 06:54 AM | Johan Hedberg
In a previous post I explained how we had a need to use the WS-Addressing To header to send a non-http prefixed URI, such as urn:company/path/subpath/Service1, and how that was supported, after a fashion, out of the box in BizTalk Server. It did however...
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BizTalk Send Ports, WS-Addressing, ClientVia and non-http prefixed To headers
21 February 13 10:04 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)
Through WS-Addressing services can require a certain value in the ws-addressing < wsa:to > SOAP header. WCF has full support for this. This support is inherited by the WCF-Adapters . When using WS-addressing in a BizTalk Server Send Port what you...
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BizTalk and SOAP Fault version issues
08 April 10 08:34 PM | Johan Hedberg | 4 comment(s)
A developer in the same team made me aware of an issue they were seeing where if the BizTalk Send Port returned an exception the Client that called the ReceivePort would get a response that was interpreted as null instead of as an exception. Now this...
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SOA and Business Process Post Conference DVDs arrive in Sweden
29 February 08 12:04 AM | Johan Hedberg
For those of you who like me attended the Microsoft SOA and Business Process conference in late october 2007 you might have been waiting for the post conference DVDs. And it feels like we have been waiting quite awhile. Perhaps the US participants have...

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