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Threading issues in WCF-Adapter Body Path
14 January 15 10:31 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)
(I originally wrote this the 5th of May 2014 but did not publish it. I only sent it as internal feedback at the time. I am now choosing to publish it anyway since there has now been ample time for Microsoft to fix the problem) The scenario I am using...
Test run of the BizTalk Adapter for Live Mesh
28 July 09 09:34 PM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)
The Live Mesh adapter is part of the recently released BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK 1.0 July CTP . It was first shown at TechEd 2009 North America by Danny Garber . But as someone who didn’t attend the conference, it passed me by. It didn’t surface for...
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Blogical SFTP Adapter for BizTalk gets passphrase support
23 November 08 10:47 PM | Johan Hedberg | 5 comment(s)
I've uploaded a new version of the Blogical SFTP Adapter for BizTalk unto Codeplex . This release adds support for passphrase protected identityfiles after a forums request . Get it here .
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Blogical SFTP Adapter v1.3
27 October 08 12:56 AM | Johan Hedberg
I've updated the Blogical SFTP Adapter previously released to codeplex by Mikael to include a couple of new features that have been requested and developed for or by customers or community. The abaility to leave files on the source server and rename...
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Delivery Notifications outside Orchestrations - a pure Messaging approach
31 March 08 08:11 PM | Johan Hedberg | 3 comment(s)
Scenario You have a pure messaging solution (no orchestrations) and you wan't to be able to keep track of messages delivered to their destination by send ports and adapters for internal logging purposes. That is, you want delivery notifications, or...
Using the SFTP Adapter in a Dynamic Send Port
13 March 08 09:00 PM | Johan Hedberg | 3 comment(s)
In the comments to a previous blog post announcing the Blogical SFTP Adapter I got a question regarding the use of the SFTP Adapter in a Dynamic Send Port . The answer I was forced to give was that the SFTP Adapter did not in its current state support...
BizTalk SFTP Adapter
02 March 08 08:14 PM | Johan Hedberg | 4 comment(s)
A while ago I wrote about different kinds of file transfer protocols that contained the acronym FTP in one way or another, and what they really meant. I mentioned that I had worked with these different protocols. Now the BizTalk Adapter that we used for...
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What kind of FTP did you say you used?
03 February 08 12:27 PM | Johan Hedberg | 3 comment(s)
I'd just like to make a small note about protocol acronyms, and the importance of knowing the correct acronym when naming your BizTalk adapter so that someone planning to (re)use your adapter knows what it's really about. The case I'd like...
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BizTalk File Adapter and Windows Fileshare Limitations
30 January 08 07:38 PM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)
This post is based on something we experienced recently. When we activated some more file receive locations against a machine to which we previously had a bunch of receive locations configured, after a while they began to become disabled, one after the...
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