Travel: MVP Summit 2011 and Canada, or why you should never make the mistake to tell Customs you are there for business (unless you REALLY are)

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Published 06 March 11 08:07 PM | Johan Hedberg

While travelling to MVP Summit me and Mikael took the opportunity to visit our friend and fellow BizTalk MVP Kent Weare. This also saw us participating in a mini-BizTalk conference delivering sessions to Kent’s company. See Kent’s post here.

The presentations were “complementary”, which did not go down well with customs since I had the bad judgment of putting down business and personal as my reason for the trip (and since I was going on to MVP summit which is on that fine line between business and personal as well). It’s the most I’ve ever heard a person repeat the same couple of questions phrased in different ways in one single short conversation. I guess I finally passed though since I did get let into the country. Either that or those Canadians aren’t as pesky with visitors as the border officers let on ;)

I did a variation of the same presentation that I did in November for the Swedish BizTalk User Group. “A few things about mapping”, since mapping is one of those areas that I see so often used and yet so often misunderstood or at least poorly understood as far as the underlying mechanics and usage patterns.

The presentation is uploaded here. Oh and even if the weather was way colder than necessary (as in thank good for the art of chemistry and little hand warmers) I had a really good time skiing in Banff and Sunshine. Thanks everyone for a great time in Calgary, especially Kent and Melissa :)

As far as summit goes it was just great to see everyone again. And it was great to see the leaps Microsoft are taking in the cloud services area. This years summit had a better session layout than last years, and all in all better, more interactive sessions, with great access to fellow MVPs and Microsoft product groups alike. I almost didn’t make the trip at all, packing and taking in a cab in the neck of time, but that’s another story. I am glad I did!

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