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Published 05 October 10 11:33 PM | Johan Hedberg

After Richard Seroter and the guys visit to Stockholm I ended up being given the 4 questions. They are here.

The complete, always entertaining, categorized series is here.

Richard notes in the introduction to the questions that I am a passable ship captain, which probably relates to the archipelago trip we did. I tried to find a good picture to post from that, but the ones I did have were taken with my mobiles camera and not very good and I’m still waiting for those that have them to upload them so I can steal some (*subtle hint*)…

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# Thiago Almeida said on October 6, 2010 02:04 AM:

You must have some internal conflict by being a ship captain and also going to swedish pirate parties

# Johan Hedberg said on October 6, 2010 11:29 PM:

What? A pirate can't be a ship captain? What about Jack Sparrow?

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