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Attending TechEd Europe 2010
10 October 10 05:15 PM | Johan Hedberg | 6 comment(s)

I’m attending TechEd Europe on the 8th to 12th of November. I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Berlin, although I’m looking forward to the former more than the latter. If you want to wish me a happy birthday, or talk about technology or successful user groups look me (or Mikael) up. Mikael will be doing a session while I’m just there to drink in the knowledge, networking, atmosphere and free beer. Hey, after all, it is my birthday…

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Put to the question
05 October 10 11:33 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)

After Richard Seroter and the guys visit to Stockholm I ended up being given the 4 questions. They are here.

The complete, always entertaining, categorized series is here.

Richard notes in the introduction to the questions that I am a passable ship captain, which probably relates to the archipelago trip we did. I tried to find a good picture to post from that, but the ones I did have were taken with my mobiles camera and not very good and I’m still waiting for those that have them to upload them so I can steal some (*subtle hint*)…

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BizTalk Standard Edition and the continued tale of 6 applications
05 October 10 10:53 PM | Johan Hedberg

Before I uninstall BizTalk Server 2010 Standard Edition and go back to Developer I thought I’d run one additional test that points to a limit with Standard and a peculiarity “discovered” earlier this year that I can’t take any credit for noticing. It’s blogged about here – In essence: BizTalk Server 2009 Standard supports 6 “custom” BizTalk applications, not just the five that the license mentions. Or rather – It supports 5 additional applications on top of the ones created by install/configure by default (for those of you that do not understand what the term application means at this point, and how it affects us, can read this link). So the question then is - Does this hold true for the 2010 Standard RTM as well?

Sure enough, as you would expect, I am stopped from creating more than 5 additional applications by the following dialog.


I can however rename BizTalk Application 1 and use that for whatever purposes.


I can also just delete the BizTalk Application 1 and create a new application named whatver-I-want.


So. The answer to the question I asked above is – Yes it holds true. BizTalk Server 2010 Standard allows 6 applications on top of the BizTalk.System application, which is read-only. Nothing has changed from 2009 on this account.

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BizTalk Server 2010 Standard DOES support 64-bit
02 October 10 02:10 AM | Johan Hedberg | 4 comment(s)

A while back I posted about BizTalk Server 2009 Standard not supporting 64-bit hosts. It was an odd thing in these times of 64-bit computing. The product group came very close to giving an outright promise to remove the limitation in the 2010 version.

For that reason I was very surprised to still find all references of the documentation suggesting that the limitation was still there. Like the sample below.


It might still be due to me misunderstanding exactly what “native 64-bit processing” really means. That’s part of the reason for this article..

When I asked (Paolo Salvatori) though I was told the documentation might be (and was probably) wrong. I took that on faith, but still, what better then a test now once the Standard edition has been release for download.

It started of bad with BizTalk Server Configuration. At this point the “32-bit only” checkboxes were grayed out and selected. Nor promising, but maybe it always looks that way.


However, when I got into the BizTalk Server Administration console I could create a 64-bit host.


And I could create and start a host instance for that host.


And yes, I am using a Standard Edition.


Update after Comment from Erik:


The process can, as per the picture above, be seen as running as the BTSNTSvc64.exe process.

Cross Reference notes
02 October 10 12:40 AM | Johan Hedberg

This isn’t a really deep how-to technical post, it’s more in the way of “note to self”.

Sample Database Diagram (relations do not actually exist in BizTalkMgmtDb, I added them for visualization).


Sample Cross-Reference Files.


Firing the BTSXRefImport tool


Actual tables in BizTalkMgmtDb and sample data selected from xref tables in general and IDXRef in particular.


Actual usage of cross reference id functoids


Links for BizTalk Cross Reference

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