Cleaning up BizTalk database backups

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Published 10 November 09 09:39 PM | Johan Hedberg

Everyone knows (read that as: should know ;) that enabling the BizTalk jobs “Backup BizTalk Server” and “DTA Purge and Archive” is a good thing. Even on simple test machines, and perhaps (preferably) even on your developer laptop. What happens some times though is that, when you end up using the dump-to-disk approach, you fill up your disks. This happens because by default the BizTalk Backup and DTA Purge and Archive jobs doesn’t clean house. In your production and staging environments the “IT guys” will usually have your back in this case and make sure that doesn’t happen. For those environment where that isn’t the case here’s an easy to use script provided by our IT guys to help keep things tidy. It uses the forfiles statement as the bulk of its logic.

@echo off
if "%BACKUP_PATH%"=="" exit 1
if "%RET_INTERVAL%"=="" exit 1
Forfiles /P %BACKUP_PATH% /S /M *.BAK /D -%RET_INTERVAL% /C "cmd /C Del @path"

Now all you need to do is to call this script from somewhere. A suggestion might be from a SQL job. This way you configure the backup and the cleanup of the backup files from a single location. Like this:

exec xp_cmdshell 'script.cmd C:\Backup 4'

script.cmd should be the full path to your script, while C:\Backup should be the full path to your backup directory. Remember to surround paths by “ should they contain spaces. The 4 in this case says that any files 4 days and older will be removed. Schedule as you see fit.


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