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Published 06 January 09 09:28 AM | Johan Hedberg

I created this blog page for me to save some of my old blog entries in a new location. I would just link them in, but funny thing has happened. This [old] space is registered using an email adress that I no longer have access to, and I can't log into the account, since apparently it's been disabled somehow. However the spaces blog still remains, with a tweak. Back then I weren't all that public, and I decided (stupidly in retrospect) that I best keep my spaces blog private, and available only to my Messenger contacts, as is one of your options for those. And since it's private, using a email adress I can't access, the only way to access it is using an account that was once on that accounts contact list. Tricky huh? Luckily, I have such an account so I copy/pasted the content of the blog onto a blog page and published it here. Wanna see what I was into back in 2005? Now you can :)

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