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Upcoming speaking engagements
28 January 09 09:57 PM | Johan Hedberg

I’ve been blessed with quite an active speaking schedule over the next couple of months. I’m happy to have been trusted with the talks, and look forward to giving them.

  • The 10th of February is the BizTalk User Group Sweden, and a talk about the new features of BizTalk Server 2009, geared towards BizTalk developers wanting to get the low-down of the new stuff. I’m (hopefully) co-presenting this talk with Mikael Håkansson. The slots for the talk is full, but we have a waiting list that is also an overflow list. If the overflow is of a sufficient size the talk will be repeated the week after.
  • The 11th of February I’m giving an Introduction to REST talk, as part of an WCF seminary at an corporate internal gathering.
  • The 6th of March I’m giving a talk about Windows Azure for Informator in Stockholm, see details (in swedish) and sign up here.
  • The 17-18 of March is TechDays 2009 Sweden. I was excited about this event way back in April of 2008, and am glad to able to present a session about BizTalk Server 2009, aimed at .NET Developers curious about BizTalk as well as BizTalk developers interested in the new features. I’m co-presenting this session with Mikael Håkansson. Our talk is at 14:30 on Tuesday, don’t miss it! Also a thanks to Alan Smith for making this one happen.


TechDays 2009 will among also be visited by the BizTalk User Group Sweden for which we will have a booth at TechDays. Stop by to say hi, learn what BizTalk Server is and can do for you, or get the chance to get our view on BizTalk Server and related questions you are having. The goal is to keep the booth manned at all times, so there will always be someone there. Hopefully someone who will be quite busy ;)

 Finally, I'm currently set to be holding a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) custom onsite course delivery, sketched to be running one day per week through March. Should be interesting.

New-ish downloadable BizTalk related resources
14 January 09 10:50 PM | Johan Hedberg

List of a few new downloadable posters, whitepapers and help documents.

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Orchestration pattern videos
06 January 09 01:10 PM | Johan Hedberg | 1 comment(s)

The second part of the Orchestration pattern seminary that Charles Young did for us at the BizTalk User Group Sweden at our december meeting is now live on channel9 and can be viewed here. The first part, which we announced here, is available for viewing on channel9 here. Posted with the help of the Microsoft Swedish MSDN Team. Thanks to all involved for making this happen - with a little luck we should be able to do it again (that is, record our meetings and get them posted to channel9). They seem to be popular.

 Although Charles talks about patterns, and useful such, you might be looking for even more. I recommend the BizTalk Server Orchestration Pattern Wizard available on codeplex. And also check out the download that on top of the sourcecode and other things contains videos explaining the included patterns by Jon Flanders.

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Found some posts from an old 2005 blog
06 January 09 09:28 AM | Johan Hedberg

I created this blog page for me to save some of my old blog entries in a new location. I would just link them in, but funny thing has happened. This [old] space is registered using an email adress that I no longer have access to, and I can't log into the account, since apparently it's been disabled somehow. However the spaces blog still remains, with a tweak. Back then I weren't all that public, and I decided (stupidly in retrospect) that I best keep my spaces blog private, and available only to my Messenger contacts, as is one of your options for those. And since it's private, using a email adress I can't access, the only way to access it is using an account that was once on that accounts contact list. Tricky huh? Luckily, I have such an account so I copy/pasted the content of the blog onto a blog page and published it here. Wanna see what I was into back in 2005? Now you can :)

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2008 popular posts
05 January 09 09:45 PM | Johan Hedberg | 2 comment(s)

So, a year passed. Year-end statistics are always fun. However I really need to make sure we have additional statistics available, as it stands now, stats are somewhat too sparse to give really meaningful feedback.

I'd like to highlight a few posts that people seem to have found interesting (based on the stats I do have):

Although the comparison might be a little unfair, since the items in the beginning of the year has obviously been online for far longer then the posts done during the latter part.

Also the Blogical SFTP Adapter at Codeplex, maintained by Mikael Håkansson and myself, has raised people's interest as well.

Lastly two of my more recent articles about mapping patterns: Appending new records to existing (looping) records and Using a message as a lookup and merging data, for the short time they have been online has surfaced as popular.

Good bye 2008 :)

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In the same bookshelf?
02 January 09 11:40 AM | Johan Hedberg

I've gotten myself a new book. We are looking at options of doing in-house training, and I'm currently looking at material to use for that purpose, and I got this book as part of that quest. I got the MCTS Self Paced Training Kit (exam 70-503), Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Windows Communication Foundation.

Now online bookstores likes to find different ways to try to entice you to buy more, and one way they do this is buy giving you a list of other books that people in your situation has found interesting. What I found funny, and slightly scary was the suggestions that I got. In the same bookshelf of people who bought this book, apparently, are: Microsoft Office Excel: Step by Step and Online dating - all you need to know. The latter is circled in the included picture.

Somehow I just don't see it as being the same people that get these books - I mean, a .NET 3.5/WCF book and Excel step by step? Really!? But hey, maybe I'm wrong ;)

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