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Published 30 October 08 12:57 AM | Johan Hedberg

Relax. Grab a beer (a Guiness perhaps). Dublin, the application server role extension to WAS/IIS, is to be released roughly three months after Visual Studio 2010, so somewhere around 1,5-2 years from now. There is still time to come to grips with it. Even so... Although purposefully and overly simplified from the technological aspect from the visual aspect Dublin looks like the BizTalk Admin Console. It acts the same. The terms used are the same. There the queries for messages, there are Active instances (Running or Ready to Run), there are Suspended instances - which you can resume or terminate, there is context based routing, it imports and exports applications easily etc. But Dublin is of course much more then a user interface. When you dive down into it, it seperates itself through a number of things. Read more at Charles Youngs post here. But BizTalk developers, don't worry, you'll quickly feel at home.


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