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A volcano presentation at Microsoft BI Conference

Sometimes things turn out in a quite different way than expected. I looked forward to visit the Microsoft BI Conference in Stockholm and listen to Rafal Lukawiecki, but ended up doing a presentation there myself...

The background is that Rafal is doing a roadshow on Microsoft Business Intelligence and presented in Croatia just two days ago. With half of Europe's airports closed because of the volcano ashes there was little chance that any plane would take him to Sweden in time for the BI Conference. So he made the most amazing journey by trains and taxis all across Europe to get here. I must say I admire his determination and good sense of humor when he kept emailing status reports. Crazy problems you would never imagine, like a taxi driver who didn't have enough money for fuel.

What to do? Well, Microsoft made a plan B, a "Volcano-programme" to give Rafal some time to appear at the conference. We prepared a couple of presentations yesterday evening and I did a 30 minute presentation on StreamInsight - for realtime business intelligence.

Another surprise today... Microsoft just announced that they launched SQL Server 2008 R2. Watch their launch site here!


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