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Miracle Open World - the only conference with 80% serious stuff and 80% fun

Miracle Open World is unique - it's the only conference with 80% serious (technical) stuff and 80% fun (drinking). How do you manage the 160%? You skip the sleep...

Although this conference was very social, it also had a lot of really good speakers. The Oracle track seemed to be the strongest, although I listened to only one Oracle session. There was also a SQL Server track, where I spent most of my time and also did a presentation, and a Microsoft .NET track. The first speaker of the SQL Server Track was Henk van der Valk, who showed some real high-end ETL-processing and how to for instance maximize throughput in SSIS. Thomas Grohser talked about SQL Server Storage and I/O, and how to manage a 24x7 database environment with extremely high workload. I really did enjoy their presentations. Henrik Sjang Davidsen and Martin Schmidt also gave good presentations on how to detect unused objects in SQL Server through auditing and Martin Schmidt showed how to audit SSIS packages in a production environment using DTLoggedExec.

For the keynote they'd brought Jonathan Lewis, who was a new name to me but obviously was the number one Oracle speaker in the world. That's why they asked him to speak about SQL Server!!! Well, he spoke about Oracle also later.

Jonathan did actually a really good speech about SQL Server. I must say I'm impressed how much he'd learned about SQL Server in his 45 hours of preparation. I shared car with Jonathan later and had a good discussion with him and suggested that he should try to become a SQL Server MVP! J

The conference was held at Hotel Legoland in Billund, Denmark. Most of the participants stayed at Lalandia just next to the hotel, which was a very nice place and also where the beach party (at the aquadome in the middle of the night) was held. The manager of Miracle declared his house at Lalandia to be the "party house", which previous years usually had been assigned to new employees instead...

I'd like to thank Jakob Tikjøb Andersen at Miracle for inviting me as a speaker. I truly did enjoy the conference!

By the way, Miracle is not only an IT company. They also own a brewery.



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