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April 2010 - Posts

SSD - a great performance booster for tired laptops

Tired of waiting minutes for your laptop to boot? I was until now... Having replaced my old hard disk with an SSD-disk, my laptop has become blazing fast!

Below are my computer's performance scores. My new hard disk has a score of 7.7 and is now by far the fastest component in my computer.

The disadvantage is the disk size. I've now got only 160 GB in my laptop while my previous hard disk had 320 GB. However I still have my old hard disk as secondary storage...

SSD disks are of two kinds: MLC or SLC, where SLC have the best performance and durability. I purchased an MLC disk and paid about $500 for 160 GB. An SLC disk of 128 GB would have cost $1700, so they are not as good value for money in my opinion. Here's a photo of my SSD disk. Doesn't it look nice? ;-)

I've made some configuration changes since I changed to SSD. I've turned off the defragmentation, since there is no point of defragmenting SSD disks. It would only decrease their lifetime. I've also placed everything - temp files, paging file and database files on the same partition - since there should no longer be any gain by splitting them on different partitions. If anyone think I am wrong, tell me...

I can absolutely recommend changing to an SSD disk in your laptop, but in a desktop computer I would prefer a combination of SSD and traditional disk.

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A volcano presentation at Microsoft BI Conference

Sometimes things turn out in a quite different way than expected. I looked forward to visit the Microsoft BI Conference in Stockholm and listen to Rafal Lukawiecki, but ended up doing a presentation there myself...

The background is that Rafal is doing a roadshow on Microsoft Business Intelligence and presented in Croatia just two days ago. With half of Europe's airports closed because of the volcano ashes there was little chance that any plane would take him to Sweden in time for the BI Conference. So he made the most amazing journey by trains and taxis all across Europe to get here. I must say I admire his determination and good sense of humor when he kept emailing status reports. Crazy problems you would never imagine, like a taxi driver who didn't have enough money for fuel.

What to do? Well, Microsoft made a plan B, a "Volcano-programme" to give Rafal some time to appear at the conference. We prepared a couple of presentations yesterday evening and I did a 30 minute presentation on StreamInsight - for realtime business intelligence.

Another surprise today... Microsoft just announced that they launched SQL Server 2008 R2. Watch their launch site here!

StreamInsight resources

New to StreamInsight? Then you could have a look at the following resources to learn more!

StreamInsight product information page

PDC 2009 sessions on StreamInsight

The StreamInsight team blog

StreamInsight Training Kit

The StreamInsight forum on MSDN

My SQLServerCentral articles on StreamInsight

My StreamInsight samples


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Miracle Open World - the only conference with 80% serious stuff and 80% fun

Miracle Open World is unique - it's the only conference with 80% serious (technical) stuff and 80% fun (drinking). How do you manage the 160%? You skip the sleep...

Although this conference was very social, it also had a lot of really good speakers. The Oracle track seemed to be the strongest, although I listened to only one Oracle session. There was also a SQL Server track, where I spent most of my time and also did a presentation, and a Microsoft .NET track. The first speaker of the SQL Server Track was Henk van der Valk, who showed some real high-end ETL-processing and how to for instance maximize throughput in SSIS. Thomas Grohser talked about SQL Server Storage and I/O, and how to manage a 24x7 database environment with extremely high workload. I really did enjoy their presentations. Henrik Sjang Davidsen and Martin Schmidt also gave good presentations on how to detect unused objects in SQL Server through auditing and Martin Schmidt showed how to audit SSIS packages in a production environment using DTLoggedExec.

For the keynote they'd brought Jonathan Lewis, who was a new name to me but obviously was the number one Oracle speaker in the world. That's why they asked him to speak about SQL Server!!! Well, he spoke about Oracle also later.

Jonathan did actually a really good speech about SQL Server. I must say I'm impressed how much he'd learned about SQL Server in his 45 hours of preparation. I shared car with Jonathan later and had a good discussion with him and suggested that he should try to become a SQL Server MVP! J

The conference was held at Hotel Legoland in Billund, Denmark. Most of the participants stayed at Lalandia just next to the hotel, which was a very nice place and also where the beach party (at the aquadome in the middle of the night) was held. The manager of Miracle declared his house at Lalandia to be the "party house", which previous years usually had been assigned to new employees instead...

I'd like to thank Jakob Tikjøb Andersen at Miracle for inviting me as a speaker. I truly did enjoy the conference!

By the way, Miracle is not only an IT company. They also own a brewery.